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Andrew George, Reporter for The Tribe

My name is Andrew George. I am a senior at Morton High School. I am eighteen years old. I am in yearbook this year and I like to play football and the drums in band. I have been going to school ever since I was little. I plan on going to college for either astrophysics or aerospace engineering.

I played football this year after not playing freshman, sophomore, or junior year. I really wish I would have played those years because I had a lot of fun. Football has turned into one of my favorite sports after this year. I used to not like it that much, but I’ve learned to really enjoy it.

I play the drums in the band. I have been playing with the high school band ever since I was in seventh grade. I have been playing the drums ever since I was little. Music is probably my favorite thing in all the world. I hope to maybe one day get to play music for the world. That has always been my dream since I was little.

I really want to go to college for either astrophysics or aerospace engineering. I love space. I really would love to study it or even get to build rockets and stuff. When I grow up, I want to work at NASA. I plan on attending SPC to get my basics out of the way then move on to Texas Tech University to finish out my college career then hopefully finding a job somewhere i can use my degree.

I am ready to graduate but then again, I am not. I love coming to school with all my friends that I have grown up with, but I sometimes don’t like it because it’s boring. Going to school like this has been all I have known and honestly, I am scared of the real world. But I am going to work my butt off and be as successful as I can be!


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