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The Tribe is a student publication written, edited and composed by the Student Media staff of Morton High School, 500 Champion Drive, Morton, Texas  79346.

The Tribe is researched, designed, and written in order to serve both Morton ISD and the Morton community. The Tribe strives to provide a forum for staff reporters, parents, faculty members, and students to exchange ideas of interest and concern for the Morton community. The staff of The Tribe strives to educate, inform, and entertain our audience through written and researched news articles, photo galleries, videos, editorials, and feature stories.    To comment on stories or to suggest story ideas, readers may contact us directly at  806-266-5505 Extention 512

The Tribe welcomes signed letters to the editor mailed to the school address. The right to edit the letters will be reserved based upon content and length. Letters should address issues of concern to audience members.  Readers may also comment on the content through the comment tool attached to all stories in the online edition.

The staff reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements. Advertisements that will not be accepted are those with illegal or obscene products, wills, prophecies, and libelous statements.  Online advertising will be sold on a monthly basis.

The Tribe is a member of the news media, it is guaranteed freedom of the press under the first and fourteenth amendments of the constitution. As a scholastic publication, it is under the jurisdiction of the Hazelwood Decision.

The Tribe
Morton High School Student Media Department
500 Champion Drive
Morton, Texas   79346
806-266-5505 Extention 507
email: [email protected]

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