Are cell phones really all that bad?

Marissa Rodriguez, For The Tribe

In today’s day and age, technology is something that is always improving and advancing. There is a lot of technology and it makes it almost impossible to choose my favorite one to use, however, the one piece of technology that is always with me inside my pocket is a phone. My favorite of all time would have to be my cell phone because of its convenience, camera, and that it has the ability to keep me in contact with anyone around me.

When most people see teens on their cell phones, they always conclude that we are rotting our brains and not doing anything useful in society; as well as being distracted. To me, my phone is more than just a distraction. My phone is very convenient and with the many things that I can do, I am almost never bored. There are so many things that I can do and one of my favorite things to do is watch favorite shows on Netflix. I can also watch funny videos on things like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. As a high school student and as a senior, it is important to know when I have things such as games or senior events. My calendar is helpful to make sure I don’t have too many things planned on the same day, and when they are so I don’t forget. There are also many other apps that come in handy when I need them such as the calculator, alarms, music, and the camera.

My phone’s camera is something I really love. I use it all the time to take pictures of myself, my friends, and my family. Pictures are a great way to have the memories you make with the people most important to you. I also love seeing other people’s pictures on social media as well as posting my own. It’s a great way to keep distant relatives in touch with what is going in my life. In today’s day and age with social media being used widely amongst teens, it is a great way to have and share the amazing memories you make with all your friends and family.

Keeping in contact with people from my school, family, and even friends I make from other places is important to me. It is important to me that I can always get in contact with people when I need to. My phone is important to me for this exact reason. I am a somewhat busy person being a senior with college applications and with basketball season coming up. It is important for me to be able to contact my sisters and my parents about late practices or when I have to stay after school to help with any senior even, we have planned. It is also very important for me to be able to have access to my email because of things like SAT scores, college applications, deadlines, and scholarships. And the last reason it’s important for me to be able to contact people is to be able to contact all of my friends. It really important for me to be able to do that because sometimes I have questions about homework, essays, deadlines, and if I missed any work while being absent. It works the other way around as well so I can help them if they need help as well.

Technology is always improving and advancing. It is being used for important things such as helping scientists find medical cures and astronauts go to space to learn more. To me, my favorite piece of technology will always be my cell phone. It is my favorite because of its convenience, camera, and ability to contact people as soon as I need them.