Students participate in drug awareness campaign

Red Ribbon Week brings vaping awareness to campus


Danyka Mendoza

Juniors Jackson Greener, Cheyenne Barnes and Xander Benavidez show off their Halloween costumes for Red Ribbon Week.

Hannah Mankin, for The Tribe

October is mostly about football, Homecoming, and breast cancer awareness.  But, last week in Morton, students also participated in Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention awareness campaign observed annually in the month of October.  It is a national program, especially in public schools to raise awareness.

“We wanted to focus on vaping because it has become such a wide-spread problem with high school students,” Mr. Hill, Student Council Advisor said.  “We themed our campaign for the week about the dangers of vaping and all the misinformation out there.”

The Student Council oversaw coming up with the theme and plan for the week.  Students were encouraged to dress up for different days.

Monday was “Dream of a drug-free future”.  Students in Elementary wore future career clothes.  Students in junior and high school wore pajamas.  Students who did participate received Smarties candy.

Tuesday was “Kick drugs outta here”.  Students wore western attire and were given Jolly Rancher candy.  Wednesday was “Too smart to do drugs”, students dressed as nerds and received Nerd candy.

Thursday was Halloween and the theme for the day was “Scare drugs away”.  There were all kinds of costumes on Halloween.  It was also BYOB day (bring your own banana).  Students who brought a banana were treated with all the fixins for a nice banana split, prepared by Student Council Officers.

The week ended on Friday with Neon Day with the theme “outshine drugs”.  Students dressed in neon and received Skittles and Starburst candy.

Friday was also senior day with the senior blackout pep rally and senior recognitions at the football game.