An interview with Zach Williams, Golf Coach


Morton Golf 2019

WOW what can I say it has been an amazing ride.

We discussed going to state before the season started, but honestly many teams probably do the same thing.  The one thing that I think propelled us was that our kids competed with each other and not just the other teams.  My top three were always trying to beat each other.

Nash Willingham

I am blessed as a 1A golf coach to have three guys that could play 3A golf.  Nash has led this golf team for four years.  He is a student of the game and is flat out electric on the golf course. He has the ability to go low at any time.  I am so happy for him to finally get to walk through that door and get to state.  Malachi is so talented and he doesn’t even realize how much.  He can be shaky at times, but the move he puts on the golf ball is second to none.  He is so coachable and knows how to compete.

Ethan was simply a blessing to Morton golf.  He is only a freshman, but right now he is playing better than anyone.  He works so hard on his game and I truly believe he loves golf.  He has pushed Nash and Malachi to be at their best.  Now to Blayne and Xeno.  From the outside looking in one would not think they are very important.  Nothing is further from the truth.  We do not make to regionals without Xeno.  His performance at district put us over the top when some of the others didn’t play well.  Xeno has really developed a love for golf and I have really enjoyed  watching him succeed when many had given up on him.  One of the best things he did for our team is push Blayne to better.

I have been so pleased with Blayne DeBusk.  He has always been coachable and always been reliable.  Recently Blayne has really picked it up and worked on his game.  Let me be clear, we are not at state team without Blayne DeBusk.  That young man came through at regionals.

Bottom line I could not have been blessed with a better team.  When kids compete with each other and then work together on game day you are going to win and win alot.

Abbi Boggs

Abbi is simply special.  Often times it is unfair to the competition.  One difference in Abbi this season compared to last is that she has been working extremely hard.  She has taken a big big interest in golf and is three times better than she was last year.  I am not surprised one bit that she is going to Austin.  Everyday she seems to handle the mental side of golf even better.  Being on the course for eighteen holes with Abbi Boggs will always put a smile on your face.

When I accepted the assignment of head golf coach I was excited because I got to play free golf.  Never did I realize I would have one of the best coaching experiences of my entire career.  I love these kids and love watching them compete.  Everyone is happy that we are going to state, but we are going to win.  I know that would be a tall order, but not a single player has reached his or her full potential.  Now would be a great time to do it.


–Zach Williams