Art students earn recognition at Art Meet


Ms. Garrett’s team of art students participated in the Region 17 TEAM Art meet held April 6, 2019 at Honey Elementary School in Lubbock.  TEAM is the Texas Elementary Art Meet, under the Texas Art Education Association. The local meets are judged by local experienced art educators, and the students could place in 3 categories; Exemplary, Good and Growing.

The team was composed of eight students from first and third grade. Every single student placed in a category! Third grade was represented by Joseph Gutierrez, Sydney Love and Mateo Escobedo. First grade students on the team were Bruno Teniente Acevedo, Evan Salazar, Zachary Huckabee, Jimena Yanez Acevedo, and Maxton Welch.

Sydney Love, Zachery Huckabee, Bruno Teniente, Maxton Welch, Evan Salazar, and Jimena Acevedo Yanez all medaled in the Exemplary category.

Joseph Gutierrez and Mateo Escobedo received ribbons in the Good category.

The class studied famous artists Jim Dine and Romare Bearden engaging in “close looking” in silence to attempt to describe, judge, interpret, and form their own critical opinions of the art,

“All of the students were able to make personal connections with the art,” Ms. Garrett said. “This helps students develop critical thinking skills. “

Jim Dine was a pop artist in the 1960’s and is known for his statement that, “art is everywhere”, as well as his usage of heart shapes in his work. Romare Bearden used collages, oil paint, and watercolor to create abstract art during a period known as the Harlem Renaissance. The influence of both artists can be seen in the student’s art.

The young artists used watercolors, oil sticks or pastels, and collage materials to make their art work. Each student had a comment about their favorite part of their artwork or the meaning behind it.

Congratulations on a job well done to Ms. Garrett and each of these artists.

Student artwork will also be in the 2019 yearbook.




Evan Salazar
“It’s about loving my mom and my dad,” said Evan Salazar.


 Joseph Gutierrez
“I liked the inspiration of the picture, “Jazz Village”, by Romare Bearden”, said Joseph Gutierrez.



Zach Huckabee
“Jim Dine loved hearts because he loved art”, Zach Huckabee explained.
Jimena Acevedo
“I like the stripe pattern under my heart,” said Jimena Acevedo.


Mateo Escobedo
“I like the sky scraper the most,” said Mateo Escobedo.
Maxton Welch
“Hearts mean joy and love, “said Maxton Welch.


Sydney Love
“The moon is the best,” said Sydney Love.
 Bruno Teniente
“The wings make the heart move,” said Bruno Teniente.


Congratulations on a job well done to Ms. Garrett and each of these artists.