Are you ready for this?


The new iPhone X family from Apple.

Kayleb Benevidez, Tribe reporter

The new Iphone’s are really unique they have grown over the years; they went from the very first apple IPhone to the new IPhone X and they have improved a lot.

The IPhone X comes with new updates and new screens. The new update includes IOS 12.01 which has screen time, screen time tells you what app you use the most it also tells you how many hours you are on your phone they have new flashlight mode which lightens your brightness they added things to the health app it tells you your vitals and shows you your health record it helps you how to lose weight it shows you how much ponds you’ve lost.

The new IPhone – it’s all glass by glass the entire back and the sides is glass the camera has way better quality there is new things you can do with the quality and they have many things that are different. The new IPhone its bigger than all the other IPhones before. It has wireless charging. They have an app on your camera you can measure an object there is a button you can tap on and you show it to your camera and it measures it and tells you what the width is and also the length it covers it from the top to the bottom. You can fine tune your notifications you can choose how you get your message you can get the all under one app or you can get all of them with the app repeating over and over.

Streamline things also you can add things to your Siri it adds a phase to trigger the action to make it your own and shortcuts apps also you can share pictures with your friends pretty much whoever you want too like you can all get pictures from whoever really its airdrop that means you click a button that says share and as long as it around other iPhone’s you can share it the person’s name pops up also that way you know who the other person is. It adds face id that is so that when your phone is locked you can hold up the phone so it can recognize your face. The new IPhone had the face id to open other apps that way no one else can get into your phone without you knowing. Apple has become very protective of your private things.

Apple sells at least 1.7 million IPhones a year. The company is worth   $216.36 billion. Apple is sold all over the world and the company keeps making new products through innovative technology. These new gadgets usually are very expensive to begin with, then become more reasonable as the “bugs” are worked out and manufacturing is streamlined.