Strokes of genius

Original art by Blayne DeBusk

J'Lynn Amalla

Original art by Blayne DeBusk

J'Lynn Amalla, Tribe reporter

There are many young artists at Morton High School. Some of these artists exhibit potential as future artists of renown.

But they live in Morton, Texas, where sports rule the day.  Football, basketball, track and baseball are what draws the crowds in our small community.  But why not try a small art gallery to show off the work of some of our aspiring artists?

Students could be known for something amazing as they express culture, religion, feelings, or a remembrance of history.  Or maybe just art for fun.

Original art by Hugo Ramos

“I like drawing because it lets me put something realistic onto paper and it makes other people happy,” senior Hugo Ramos said.

If the students could show of their work maybe people will pay more attention and see that this town isn’t just about sports.

Some of the really talented artists here include Hugo Ramos, Blayne DeBusk, Malachi Villarreal, Dustin Alvarado, Mia Soliz, Melody Maldonado and Nicolas Benavidez.  Their work is unique and should be displayed in an art gallery.

We believe the school should invest in a small art gallery to show off the work of these young Picassos. The cost would not be much to set aside an area to display these works.  Perhaps the school could even earn some money by charging a small admission fee to maintain the gallery.

We believe that Morton should be able to show some culture in addition to simply athletics.  The work of these young people can be inspirational and uplifting. They should be recognized in a positive manner for their contribution to the school and to the community.

“I like drawing because it shows more to me than sports and my brother gave me an inspiration,” said senior Blayne DeBusk.