There’s some new tech in town

Alejandra Cardenas, Tribe reporter

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The 2018 school year was a fresh new technology beginning for Morton ISD. New technology was acquired to help teachers and students learn and access new information around the world. Morton IT Director Rod Cottrell was in charge of getting the new technology up and running.

“We got new laptops, touch boards, document cameras, new desktops in labs, new software we will phase in this year,” Cottrell said.

The District made the decision last year to seek funding and other grants to purchase new technology to update the old systems that were in place.  It became a priority to replace old, outdated systems.



“If we don’t stay up to date we won’t be ready for what’s coming out there in the world,” Cottrell said.

Teachers in the district are happy to see the new changes and the potential for learning it creates.

“Technology is a tool,” Cottrell said, “it doesn’t replace the teacher, but it helps expand on learning.”

Cottrell believes the new improvements in technology will make a major impact on the school.

“Hopefully, it will enhance learning,” Cottrell said, “it will allow students to have access to more innovative learning.”

There was a lot of training that had to take place before school started in August to prepare teachers and staff for the new hardware and software.

“Technology is a tool,” Cottrell said, “ if it is not used right it just becomes an expensive pencil.”

But there are some negatives associated with the new changes as well.

“It can be good and it can also be bad,” Cottrell said,” It can be intimidating, people get intimidated and could get frustrated at the end of the day you still have to learn, you still have to use your brain.”

With all the new changes, there is a learning curve, which causes a lot of frustration and calls for Cottrell to help.

“For me it’s a part of the job,” Cottrell said, “people complain, I understand, it just goes with it.”

Cottrell believes that the new systems will allow students more opportunities to learn and expand their horizons.

“It’s good if they take advantage of the new technology for learning,” Cottrell said, “but we also want them to be safe, so we have to make sure they don’t take advantage and make bad decisions.”

According to Cottrell, the school district is not don with the improvements.

“Hopefully as we get more systems in place,” Cottrell said, “it will become easier for everyone and we will be here to help.  You have to set priorities and make use of your time.”

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There’s some new tech in town