Morton urban legends

Halloween means it’s time for scary stories

J'Lynn Amalla, Tribe reporter

Every town, every culture has stories about paranormal activity. In October, as Halloween approaches, these stories once again become popular. In Morton, there are three of these “ghost stories” that are still part of the culture.

“THE BUTCHER”The ButcherIn Morton in the 1960’s there was a man who lived not far out of town, and he had a little shop for his meat. At one point in the life of his butcher shop, he started running out of meat. At the same time, several people started to be reported as missing. The legend has it that “The Butcher” was cutting up people and selling their “meat” to the people in town. It became more of a fear when the meat from his market began to taste “different” than the meat from other shops.

Legend has it that the witches in Morton go to a tree in the middle of the town and pray to Satan. They say that Satan answers their prayers as well. Once there were a few young people who went to the tree to see if the legend was actually true. They parked near the tree at night and turned off their car lights and watched. Shortly, they saw a group of witches surrounding a fire doing a chant, calling on the name of Satan and proclaiming, “He will rise!”. Suddenly, the fire went out and the kids ran back to their cars. When they turned the car lights back on, no one was there.

Lady in WhiteLate one night some kids from Morton were walking the streets and they saw a lady wearing a white dress and she was crying and crying, ‘My kids, I need to find my kids, do you know where they are?”

The Legend of “The Lady in White” states that you aren’t supposed to answer her or even look at her, you are to keep walking.

One day a young man reported “The Lady in White” because people had been seeing her late at night, so a police officer went around looking for her. The officer saw her and called in. But as he was making the call, the lady shouted at him and entered his car. The officer did not discuss the incident with anyone again, but he quit the police department that day. It is said she wanders the streets of Morton.


Gina Casarez would like to know if “The Lady in White” is real.

“When I first heard the stories, I thought they were crazy,” Casarez said.

But she became very curious about the stories.

“My brother and I

were curious teenagers at the time,” Casarez said. “We went looking for the Lady in White, but we never found her.”

She says that the stories did scare her though.

“I believe in God and the devil I believe in bad and good spirits,” Casarez said.

For that reason, she says she was curious about The Lady in White, but wanted nothing to do with The Witch Tree.

“I wouldn’t have gone out there to begin with,” she said.

Every town has its urban legends and ghost stories. Morton is no different. And with Halloween just around the corner, it may be time to once again search for The Lady in White or the Witch Tree. Unless you are scared!

Editor’s note: The original art for this piece was created by Matthew Cisneros