Long time school supporter says her involvement is all about the kids


Betty Lyon discuss her love for the students at Morton Schools and her lifelong involvement in the school community.

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

Betty Lyon is well known around the secondary campus in Morton.  She is seen almost every day with a smile on her face taking care of a teacher’s class when they are away.  Her involvement in the school is life-long.

“I am a life-long Morton person,” Lyon said.  ” I was born here, I went to school here for twelve years, I raised five children here and sent them all through Morton Schools.”

It takes some dedication to be a substitute teacher almost every day.

“I love the kids and I want them to know that,” Lyon said.  “I love the kids here and that is how you develop relationships.  You have to care for the kids.”

Her favorite part about subbing is having the opportunity to be with the students.

“I love being here with the kids and them knowing that if they need me I will e here for them,” Lyon said.  ” I want them to trust me.”

She says people ask her every day, “Are you crazy? Aren’t those kids mean?”

“You don’t understand,” Lyon said.  ” I love the kids and they are great kids, and they are not mean.”

Mrs. Lyon is often seen at most of the school’s functions; athletic contests, stock shows, performances, etc.

“I go to every event I can,” Lyon said.  ” If I miss it’s because I have another obligation.  I want to support the kids in any way I can.”

Lyon says that she started subbing to fulfill a childhood ambition of hers.

“I worked for thirty years at the bank here in Morton,” Lyon said.  “When my husband passed away, I wanted something to do so I decided to fulfill my dream to be a teacher and started subbing for the school.”

Lyon sees great things in the future for Morton Schools.

“I think we are going to improve in academics,” Lyon said, “because we have a leader in Mrs. Ramos who tells the kids she is going to push them to do their very best, which is going to help in academics.”

Lyon also sees improvement coming in the athletic field.

“I see nothing but improvement in our athletic program,” Lyon said.  “The kids have a different mindset now, they do not want to lose.”

For the senior class, Mrs. Lyon had some words of encouragement and advice.

“You can do anything, but you have to get out of Morton and better yourself,” Lyon said.

She also had some words for the eighth-grade class.

“Now is the time to start,” Lyon said.  “Next year as a freshman you have many decisions to make and you can always choose to change to better yourself.  Just do something.  Make something of yourself.”

But her words of wisdom were not just limited to seniors and eighth-graders.  She also had some advice for all students at Morton.

“Focus on your studies,” Lyon said.  “Try to make good grades.  Be the best person you can be.  Don’t be a follower, be a leader.  It all starts in elementary.

And for everyone, students, administrators, staff, and supporters, she also had some advice.

“Morton is anything you want it to be,” Lyon said.  “Be proud to be from Morton and support this school.  Don’t be negative, be positive.”