Counselor says they were called to Morton

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

When the telephone call came that night, Denise Diaz knew right away that something was different.

Her husband David had always told her he would not leave their comfortable and familiar life in Johnson County, Texas.  But this time he didn’t say no.

“What happened,” Mrs. Diaz asked.

“They called me by name,” Mr. Diaz said.  “They asked me to come to Morton.”

“Then turn out the light and come to bed,” she said. “We’re going to Morton.”

Although Mr. Diaz had told her he would never leave Johnson County, he had also told her that the only way he would is if he were called by name to serve.  He believed that if he were called by name to serve, it was a calling from God.

“So I knew this was the sign,” Diaz said.  “They called and asked David Diaz to consider coming to help rebuild a school into a better place for students in a little town called Morton, Texas.”

Mr. Diaz was hired to serve as the Elementary principal and his wife was hired as the Secondary School Counselor.

” I have been an elementary counselor, a science teacher, a middle school counselor, and a high school testing coordinator,” Diaz said.  “I like helping people figure out what they want to do and how to solve some of their problems.”

Diaz was born in Jamaica and spent most of her elementary years there before moving to Texas and attending Northbrook High School in Houston.  Her intention was to be a professional counselor, but motherhood changed her plans into becoming a school counselor.

“I don’t like calculating G.P.A.s,” Diaz said.  “But I love working with and talking to the students.”

Diaz is excited about the coming year and plans on staying in Morton for the foreseeable future, at least five more years.

“I’m excited about next year now that I have gotten to know the students and know more about the routines and traditions,” Diaz said.  “I’m glad to be here.  I have a peace that I never knew existed, and the sunrises and sunsets make me feel like I’m living in a painting.”

Diaz has a few words of advice for her students.

“Always enjoy the place you are in right now.  Enjoy life and take joy in your situation.”