Retiring secretary has a message for students

Emma Morin will be retiring after 23 years with Morton ISD

Jesus Esquivel



When staff and students return to campus after the Christmas break, there will be a familiar face missing from the secondary office.  Emma Morin, the secondary secretary, will be retiring after 23 years of service to the school district.

“I started as a teacher’s aide at Pep High School,” Morin said.  “I did just about everything, whatever they asked me to do.”

Morin says that 1998 was her best year.

“I was hired as the junior high secretary in 1998,” Morin said.  ” I had always wanted to be s secretary.  That was the best year of my life.”

Morin says that she has been part of the school her whole life.

“I graduated from Morton High School in 1973,” Morin said. “Go Indians!  We’re Number 1!”

Morin says that one thing that impresses her the most about the students is how they care for each other.

“When my granddaughter Cristabel got sick,” Morin said, “They showed me how much they really cared.  That is something that really touched my heart.”

Morin says she has many memories of the people, the teachers, the kids here at Morton, and she can’t pick a favorite.

” People are always coming in and saying ‘Hello Miss Morin!, So happy to see you today!’, Moring said.  “They are always brightening my day.”

Emma says she will miss the people coming in and saying hello, but there are some things she won’t miss.

“I won’t miss the bells, “Morin said. “I won’t miss the crazy schedules, but I will miss the people walking in and saying hello.”

Mrs. Moring has specific plans for her retirement.

“I plan to clean out every box and every closet in my house,” Morin said.  “And then I am going to work on my arts and crafts.”

Morin has a special message for the students.

“Even though I am hard on you, it is for a reason,” Morin said. “You are growing up and you need to be independent.  “You need to take care of yourself, you need to graduate, you need to go on to college.”

And she had a final message for us all.

“I will miss all of you,” Morin said.  “But I will be back to visit, and I won’t be empty handed.”