This week at Morton: October 29

From Red Ribbon Week to “CSI: Morton:, students have an active week in classes and activities



Mr. Mortensen, Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. McClendon, Mrs. Ridley and Mrs. Little all pose at the photo booth for Red Ribbon Week. The theme of the week was “Drug Free Looks Like Me”.

The high school and junior high classes at the secondary campus have been busy with all sorts of activities this week as students try out new skills learned in class.

It was Red Ribbon Week with dress-up days each day.  Monday was “Pledge to be Drug-Free” and staff and students wore red. Tuesday was “From Head to Toe, I’m Drug-Free” and everyone wore crazy socks.  Wednesday was “Put a Cap on Drugs” and all wore caps and hats.  Thursday was “Don’t get Tied U on Bad Choices” and the groups wore ties.  Friday was “Spook Out Drugs” and Halloween costumes were worn.  The theme of the week was “Drug-Free Looks Like Me.”

In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week and Drug Awareness, Mrs. Canon’s Health Sciences classes produced Public Service Announcements on drug abuse.  The media classes assisted in this effort with the recording and editing of the videos.

In the Forensics class, Mr. Ridley’s students did a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) of a mock-up murder scene.  The media classes aided in the recording of the evidence.

In Mr. Hill’s Media classes, students collaborated with Mrs. Canon’s students on the PSA’s and with Mr. Ridley’s students on the CSI investigation.  They also began practicing in preparation of doing weekly video announcements for the school as well as working on the cover design for the yearbook and planning the program booklet for the upcoming Veteran’s Day program.

Also, this week was the Junior High Blackout Pep Rally and the fundraiser for Student Council Pie in the face competition, where the senior class tossed pies into the faces of Mr. Coach Ramsey, Mrs. Coach Ramsey, Mrs. Ramos, and Coach Oldham.