In the classrooms this week: October 22

Russell Hill


Art students display Paper Mache masks they created this week in class.

A variety of special projects were underway this week in the classrooms of the secondary campus.

Art students were learning about the art of Paper Mache and created masks for Halloween.

Texas History students learned about the Native American Tribes of Texas and made presentations on the tribes and prepared native foods for culture day.

Introduction to Culinary Arts students prepared no-bake cookies this week. Students learned the importance of reading and following recipe directions.

Culinary Arts students demonstrated how to use the dry and moist heat cooking methods this week.

FCS 7th grade classes had pancake lab.  Students practiced reading and following a recipe, and making pancakes.

Health Sciences students learned the proper procedure to put on and remove sterile gloves.

And 8th-grade media class began learning about the basics of video production and using a video camera.