Elementary principal transition is “fast and furious”

Diaz hopes to be a blessing to school and community

David Diaz

David Diaz

A long background in education has served David Diaz well for over 27 years.  But he describes the transition to Morton from Keene ISD in the Fort Worth area as “fast and furious”.

Mr. Diaz spent his entire career in the field of education.  He has worked for Cleburne ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Longview ISD, Bryan ISD, and most recently Keene ISD before coming to Morton to serve as the new elementary principal.

“At Keene, I was the District Director of ESL and taught at the Junior High campus,” Diaz said.  “They had a large Marshallese population (Marshall Islands) and they had their own language.  So there was plenty of work for me as an ESL teacher.”

Diaz and his wife Denise moved to Morton in June.  At first, there was no available housing and they stayed with longtime friends Rina and Ed Ramos until a place became available for them.

“We’ve been friends with Rina and Ed for over 15 years,” Diaz said.  “They were so kind to give us a place to stay until we could close on a house here in Morton.”

Mrs. Ramos, the former Elementary principal, and current Secondary principal had actually recommended to the Superintendent Mrs. Saunders that Diaz would be a good choice to replace her. But the selection committee for the new principal was not aware of Mrs. Ramos’ recommendation until after they had already chosen Diaz from among six candidates for the position.

“When Mrs. Saunders asked me who I would trust to take over for me,” Ramos said, “my immediate response was David Diaz.  I’ve known him for years and know what an outstanding educator he is.  I would trust him to carry on what I started the past three years here at the Elementary school.  I was happy that the selection committee came to the decision that he would make the best choice for my old position.”

Diaz grew up in Fort Bend, Texas, and went to high school at Terry High School there.  He and his wife Denise, the current high school counselor, have been married for 31 years and have three children.

“Our daughter Alison is a junior high teacher in Keene,” Diaz said.  ” Our daughter Aimee is a licensed massage therapist in Keene and our son Seth is an art student in San Francisco.”

Diaz says that he has two main hobbies outside of school, church and comic books.

“I’m an avid collector of Superman comics,” Diaz said.

Diaz said that he hopes to be a blessing for the Morton community and for the school.

“I want to make a positive impact on Morton and Morton ISD,” Diaz said. “I am looking forward to bonding with our students and parents and building some strong relationships.”

Diaz said that he loves calling Morton “home”.

“I love working with kids and I love the Morton community,” Diaz said.  “I plan to retire here.”

Mr. Diaz said that he asks for prayers for the school and the community.