We’re BACK!

Students and staff return to school for a new year


Welcome back lawn decoration at the elementary school campus

Following two very unusual school years, the 2021-2022 school year began on August 19 with high expectations.  The greatest hope was that the year would be a time to “return to normal”.  With most COVID restrictions lifted, students and staff were eager to once again enjoy school activities and gatherings.

With both elementary and secondary campuses under new principals, changes were many from the first day.  In addition to beginning the school year on a Thursday rather than a Monday, Mrs. Ramos moved from elementary principal to the secondary campus and David Diaz was hired to be the new elementary principal.  Both principals planned many changes and new routines for their respective campuses.  The first two days were for the orientation of students for the many new procedures and other changes.

Class meetings were held to familiarize the students with the school policies and procedures and to begin pla

Mrs. Ramos, the new secondary principal, works at her desk during the first week of school.

nning class activities such as homecoming.  This was also a chance for students to become acquainted with the many new teachers on the Secondary campus.  New this year were Mr. Mortensen (agriculture), Mr. McCain (building trades), Mr. Fisher (Math), Mr. Purcella (math), and Coach Adams (science).  All teachers had new teaching assignments and new room assignments as well.

In previous years, students would gather in the front hall at the beginning of the day to await the first bell.  New this year was the use of the multipurpose room that was completed in December last year.  This provides a general gathering place

Assistant Principal Holly Boggs gives directions to freshmen students looking for classrooms on the first day of class.

for all students who arrive prior to the first bell in the morning.  This also gives them a chance to socialize and use their phones before beginning the class day.

Seniors are especially excited to get back on a normal footing.

“I am so glad that we can try to have a normal year again,” senior Andrea Casteneda said.  “I was so tired of the masks and the limited activities.  We want to be able to enjoy homecoming, prom, and graduation without all the restrictions.”

The Class of 2022 in their senior shirts on the first day of school.

At the end of the first week, the general feeling is of optimism at what the new year may bring.  Students and staff are already busy planning a variety of homecoming activities and other events.  Student groups such as FCCLA and FFA are already meeting with their officers to plan their events and activities for the year.  And everyone is excited about the return to 11-man football for the Morton Indians.  Meet the Indians will occur on the 27th and the first game is scheduled for August 28 in Seymour.