Cinco de Mayo celebrated

Students dance and band performs for traditional holiday celebration


Morton Elementary School celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Tuesday night with performances, games, food, and prizes.

There were live performances in the elementary gym by Pre-K through 12th grade with the final performance being the combined 7th-12th grade band. In the elementary cafeteria, parents could play La Lotteria (a Spanish form of BINGO). Pre-K Roundup was also held in the cafeteria so that parents with students entering Pre-K next year could register their students and meet the staff.

The top attraction was a performance by pre-K.

“Pre-K did a traditional version of the Mexican Hat dance in their traditional skits for girls and vests and sombreros for boys,” said Mrs. Ramos, Elementary Principal.

Also very popular was the Loteria, a type of Mexican Bingo.

Senior Kleber Martinez and his mom play Lotteria at Cinco night in the Elementary cafeteria. (Ru)

“We also played Loteria which is a Mexican Bingo game and gave out prizes such as slip and slides, water cannons, glowing footballs, and other toys to play with this summer,” Ramos said.

The group also sold Elotes, a form of Mexican street corn.

“They corn sold out fast, we were scraping the pan to try to fill all the orders,” Mrs. Anderson, a fifth-grade teacher said.

Loteria is a type of Mexican Bingo. There are 54 pictures with the Spanish word. You flip cards and call out the word and number so those who don’t know Spanish can still play along. Each game played, the caller picks the game, like blackout, 4 in a row, outer frame, 4 corners, etc. Then you play the hand and call cards until a winner calls out Loteria!

“Loteria was a blast, they loved the prizes.” Mrs. Anderson said.

There were live performances in the elementary gym by Pre-K through 12th grade with the final performance being the combined 7th-12th grade band. Grades PK-2 did a performance of a dance or song. 3-4 did a concert with recorders and 5-6 performed with instruments.  The 7th-grade band performed their concert music and then stayed on stage to play the HS concert as well since they will be joining the high school group next year.

Elementary band students perform with recorders and plastic trumpets at Cinco de Mayo night on May 4 in the Elementary Gym (Russell Hill)

“It was was a great combination and the students handled it well,” Morton Band Director Elaine Truitt said.   “The playing of the school song for our outgoing Seniors is special also because it is the last time they will hear the song as students.”

Truitt believes that concerts like this are important for the musical growth of her students.

“Students do not know what it feels like to perform until they are actually on stage doing it,” Truitt said. “This was an “Aha!” moment for many students, especially young students, who realized why we had worked so hard on our music for so long.”

The combined performance of the junior high and high school bands was a special moment for Truitt.

“The combined performance had to be my favorite because it made being part of the marching band “real” to the 7th-grade band members,” Truitt said.