Coding made fun, ninja style

Morton students travel to Coding Ninjas in Lubbock


Melanie Ridley

Junior High students Jaeden Alvarado, Jacob Unger, Micah Zapata and Britton Boggs test their robotic vehicle while at Coding Ninjas on April 22

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

Code Ninjas® is a kids coding franchise, with hundreds of locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At the centers, kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem-solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment.

A group of students from Morton Secondary, led by Mrs. Ridley, traveled to the Lubbock Coding Ninjas on Thursday to try their skills at coding and programming.

“I’m so glad that Morton ISD can offer this type of field trip for our students,” Ridley said.  “I believe it helps students get a taste of several different technology-related courses that they can take and/or possible careers that they might want to pursue when they graduate.”

Students were able to sign up to go on the trip by either being classified GT or showing an interest in coding and technology.  A total of fifteen students made the trip this year.

“They did Minecraft coding, robotics and created an item in TinkerCad for 3D printing,” Ridley said.

Coding Ninjas welcome Morton to their facility on Thursday (Melanie Ridley)

Mrs. Ridley believes this is an excellent way to show our students some of the different options available to them for higher education and careers.

“As a young adult growing up, I didn’t know I liked Chinese food until I tasted it,” Ridley said.  “Now it is one of my favorite types of food.  In the same way, students don’t know what they might like to do unless they try it out and learn some things about that subject and/or career.”


Mrs. Ridley said that the activities they do at Coding Ninjas will help them in her classes in Morton.

“This ties into Tynker (school’s coding program), our 3D printer software, and Tinkercad that we use in class,” Ridley said.  “And we are going to start Minecraft Education in my classes next week, hopefully.”

Mrs. Ridley believes that this trip was successful and encouraged her students to investigate further into various aspects of coding and technology.  This was the second year she took Morton students to Coding Ninjas and intends to continue the practice in years to come.

“It gives the students a small taste of several possible career opportunities and/or classes they might want to take in high school/college,” Ridley said.  “The more exposure a student has to a subject or career, the more we have empowered them to make a choice that might really help them in their future.”

Morton students at Coding Ninjas in Lubbock on April 22 (Melanie Ridley)

Students who made the trip were 7th graders Britton Boggs, Monika Zapata, Jaeden Alvarado and Blaize Garza,; 8th graders Sophia Viernes, Alexia Garza, Ester Franco, Bianca Esquivel, Jayden Keelilng, Jacob Unger and Micah Zapata; 9th grader Cecilia Salas, 10th grader Christopher Velasquez and 12th graders Andrew George and Frankie Rodriquez.