Bombs Away!

Elementary students pelt teachers with water balloons to raise funds for field trips


Ann Hill

Elementary students launch multiple water balloons at their teachers on Friday afternoon.

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

It was a cool damp day Friday afternoon.  But that did not stop the planned launching of water balloons on the baseball field.

Friday afternoon students gathered on the baseball field to toss water balloons at several teachers, aides, and administrators from the Elementary school.  Students had purchased the balloons earlier in the week in order to take part in the festivities.  Balloons were three for $2.00.  Students who did not purchase balloons were able to view the activity from the stands.

Elementary Principal Rina Ramos needed a way to raise funds for the students to take spring field trips.

“I told teachers we had to raise money since the trip to Joyland for 3rd grade is $15 each,” Ramos said.   “Mrs. Greener and Mrs. Alvarado came up with the idea to throw water balloons.”

Mrs. Ramos, Mrs. Brito, and Mrs. Geener react to being hit with water balloons thrown at them by the third graders on Friday. (Ann Hill)

Several teachers and teacher aides volunteered to be pelted with the balloons, including Mrs. Ramos.  They were Sinia Brito, Shannon Prieto, Shannon Greener, Jessie Alvarado, Cindy Anderson, and Missy Zapata.

“We raised over $1,000 with this event,” Ramos said.

All students in the Elementary school were eligible to purchase balloons, not just the students of the teachers who volunteered to be the targets.

“The kids were really pumped,” Ramos said.  “As they got out of the cars in carline Friday morning they said, “I’m gonna splat you!” One student went by his former teacher’s room every day that week and told her all his balloons were for her.”

Classes with students who had purchased balloons took turns in line to launch at the teachers.  When the older kids came to the line, Mrs. Ramos and the teachers began to taunt the kids.

“We told them PreK could throw more accurately,” Ramos said.  “A few times, we walked closer to them and told them they couldn’t hit us.”

Mrs. Ramos said that the activity was so successful that they may plan future similar activities to raise money for their other events.  But any future events of this nature will have to be planned with safety and caution.

“My 1st year as a teacher I was in Dallas ISD and wanted to take the kids to Medieval Times at $40 each,” Ramos said.  “I let them throw eggs at me. After a concussion and a black eye, I realized I could make some serious money, but water balloons don’t hurt as bad. There is always a danger involved when kids are throwing things at you, though.”