Morton FCCLA state qualifiers present to 7th grade band

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

7th-grade band members were treated to a band clinic, McDonald’s food, and presentations from high school FCCLA students on Tuesday.

Following the band clinic presented by former Odessa Band Director Pano Mata, the FCCLA group handed out McDonald’s food and made presentations they will present at their state competition in April.

FCCLA sponsor Tiffeny Smith said that practicing the presentations is an important part of the student’s preparation for the competition.

“The girls have worked really hard on preparing their work for our competition,” Smith said.  “Each group had a different topic and a different approach.”

FCCLA Members Makayla Rodriguez and Andrea Castaneda identified technology overuse and abuse as a concern for children, teens, and adults in our community.

“The students used the FCCLA Planning Process to address this issue through FCCLA Professional Presentation Event,” Smith said. “They researched the issue, created flyers, surveyed staff and parents, and presented information to a variety of groups.”

Clarissa Holland identified the issue of poverty as a concern she would like to address. She used the FCCLA Professional Presentation Event as a platform to spread awareness about this issue.

Davoni Benavidez participated in an event called Promote and Publicize FCCLA.

FCCLA student Davoni Benavidez presents her program on marketing FCCLE to the 7th grade. FCCLA treated the 7th graders to McDonalds while they presented their projects for their state competition to be held in April.

“Davoni has worked this year to plan and implement activities that will allow students and our community to have a greater awareness of the activities that Morton FCCLA are involved in and the positive benefits for members, the school, and our community,” Smith said.

Along with Morton ISD staff, Benavidez created a Morton FCCLA Facebook page, Website link, promoted FCCLA at CTE Summer Camp, and posted printed materials.

Each team presented statistics and methods learned through their Family and Consumer Science Classes and research to address the issue to a variety of groups including 7th-grade band students on February 23.

“All students competed at the Region 1 Conference Virtually and earned a spot to compete at the State Level in April,” Smith said.

Members will continue to implement projects that provide opportunities for our school and community.

An eighth-grade “Throwback Tuesday” event will be on March 2.  Eighth-grade students will be treated to student-led activities as an alternative to using technology, as well as food, and fun activities.


Former Odessa Band Director holds clinic in Morton