Students go “Back to the 80’s” for 2020 HOCO


The 2020 Homecoming Royalty.

Russell Hill, For The Tribe

The theme of” Back to the 80’s” was adopted this year just for fun.  With all the distress and sadness brought on by the pandemic, the Student Council decided that the overall theme for the year should be about having fun.  And what better way to do that than to go “back to the 80’s”?

Homecoming parade

Homecoming came rather early this year and following the shutdown of the school in March, there was not much time to prepare.  First and foremost, student council elections had to be conducted.  This included campaign time, elections, etc, before the council could meet to make decisions about homecoming.

Following the STUCO elections in September, the committee got to work on planning homecoming with as many of the traditional elements as possible: Homecoming Court elections, Spirit Week, Hall Decorating, Pep Rally, Bonfire, Beat the Drum, Parade, and game.  The three casualties this year were street painting, the tailgate party, and the street dance.  All the other events required social distancing and face masks.

Christopher Velasquez, Chloe Enriquez, and Mr. Hill go back to the 80s

Spirit Week included an “80s” day where students and teachers dressed in 80s style.  Hall decorating included cassette tapes, Pac Man, Atari, and other items reminiscent of the 80s.  The parade featured many entries from the community, county, and school and featured a great deal of 80s music.  Beat the Drum took place all day long on the 25th with students from all classes at the Elementary and Secondary schools coming by to take a turn.  The bonfire was restricted to seniors and their families due to COVID restrictions.  And the pep rally was the first to be conducted outdoors in the stadium, with the Elementary school on the field and the Secondary school in the stands.

Despite a few glitches, Homecoming Week 2020 was a full success.

The Senior Court
The Senior Homecoming Court included Queen Valeria Vigil, King Isaiah Cisneros, Queen Candidate Meghan Lopez, Band Sweetheart Cheyenne Barnes, Football Sweetheart Mia Soliz, and Football Beau Dustin Alvarado

Dukes and Duchesses
The Homecoming Royalty continued with Junior Duke Ethan Boggs and Duchess Karina Lujan, Sophomore Duke Christopher Velasquez and Duchess Chloe Enriquez, and Freshman Duke Gilbert Vigil and Nevaeh Marquez.


Editor’s note:  The theme of “Back to the 80’s” will also be used for the 2021 yearbook.